Submission Deadline October 31st, 2021

Photography is driven by passion. It is an art form that calls for imagination and creativity.

Artistic photography is borne out of someone’s need to express feelings or relay a message through an image. It allows one to share their unique perspectives of the surrounding reality. Photography can be spontaneous, but it can also be conscious and deliberate.

The 2021 edition of SAFAL Eye in the Wild is a celebration of an aspect of nature that connects the past, present and future of our amazing African Landscapes. Entries are welcome from all SAFAL countries. The panel of judges consists of high-profile, seasoned photographers.

You are invited…

…to participate in the 2021 SAFAL Eye in the Wild Photography Competition. This is Africa’s premier photography contest that goes beyond celebrating Mother Nature’s beauty by raising awareness on environmental conservation. Let’s join lenses in conserving the environment.


Don’t Be Left Out

Meet the Judges (to be confirmed soon)

 Your photos will be judged by industry professionals

Gurcharan Roopra

Nature photography

Reinout Dujardin

Product and Conceptual photography

Hendri Lombard’s

Commercial photography

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